Zendesk Integration: get reviews and send your responses

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This integration helps you get reviews from App Store, Mac App Store, Google Play, Windows Store and Amazon App Store into Zendesk account.

Set up Zendesk Integration

  1. Choose an app and click “Add new integration”;
  2. Find Zendesk in the list of integrations and click “Add integration”;
  3. You will then need to write down your Zendesk email. Find it in your Zendesk account: click Settings > Channels and find “email” field (the email has the format: support@COMPANYNAME.zendesk.com). Copy this email;
  4. Paste the email into the “Zendesk email” field in the AppFollow account;
  5. Choose which reviews you want to receive: all of them, only positive or negative ones (tick the number of review stars);
  6. Click “Add integration”.
Give AppFollow the access to your reviews

Add AppFollow email — “appfollow.io reviews@appfollow.io” (exactly like this with space) — to the Whitelist in your Zendesk settings, just like this:

Now you will receive all your reviews as Zendesk tickets. All of them come from the email reviews@appfollow.io. To be able to reply to them, please connect your AppFollow account to App Store Connect or Google Play Console:

Here’s how your reviews will look like in Zendesk:

Click the link below the ticket to send your reply via AppFollow account.

Want to reply directly from Zendesk tickets?

Install our Zendesk native app to make it work.

What's next?

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