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If you're interested in ASO and would like to improve your app visibility and performance, have a look at the following material.

1. ASO Best Practices 2015

In ASO Best Practices 2015 our CEO Anatoly Sharifulin sheds a light on basic optimization strategies, competitive analysis, semantic core creation and many more useful things:

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2. ASO Best Practices 2016

In this piece Anatoly is touching upon many important factors such as App Store and Google Plays paths, ASO Items, Search Visibility, Convertion Rate and even more:

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3. ASO Best Practices 2017 for Games

New thoughts about ASO for games by Anatoly:

4. Black Hat ASO - Presentation eMetrics

In this presentation ASO-expert Moritz Daan explains how to recognize and fight black hat App Store Optimization, i.e. fraud and spam installs. Very hot topic in mobile industry:

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5. ASO Monthly blog

This blog is highly recommended as it covers all the main updates and changes in ASO every month. Moritz Daan brings a great value by gathering this information and giving his comments.

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6. ASO: How to create semantic core for your app

Basics of ASO in one blog article. Learn how to make a research, select relevant keywords and create semantic core with AppFollow.

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7. ASO: How to increase game installs by 53% per day by changing name and description in Google Play

One of the most popular questions we get is how to lure more traffic for Google Play app. We decided to showcase a simple text optimisation for an indie game app with a small amount of installs. Read and learn quickly!

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