ASO Report for App Store and Google Play

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AppFollow ASO reports provide you with the essential insights for your app promotion strategy. Track how your keywords perform, how many downloads your app got, which countries work better and more.

Set up iOS/Mac report

Open main app page (iOS) and click Integrations;

  1. Click "Add new integration";
  2. Choose App Store Connect (ex-iTunes Connect) and enter the login data: Apple ID and Password.
  3. Done!

This integration works for both iOS and Mac apps and delivers reviews, ASO and sales reports and allows to reply to reviews.

To set up ASO Report you need the following access: Admin or Marketer + Reports roles.

Set up Android report

  1. Open your app page in AppFollow;
  2. Click a blue button "ASO Report";
  3. There you need to fill out two fields: Account ID and Google Play Console account owner email;
  4. To find Account ID go to your Developer Console. The link to your Console consists of Account ID (20 digits after "account=");
  5. Copy only 20 digits and paste it into your AppFollow Account;
  6. Fill out the next field - Email. In the “Email address of Google Play Console account owner” type the owner’s Email address of your Google Play developer account. If you are not an owner, you can find this Email on the “Settings” — “Developer account” — “Account details” page
  7. Click "Add Integration".
  8. And the final step is to invite the “” account to your Google Play console with the read-only access
  9. You are done now! Click the “Get ASO Report” button and download the data.

How to get the report

Simply click big blue “Get ASO report” button. Here’s how your report will look like:

All daily data, impressions, views and calculated conversion rates ready to use.

Need help? Just hit the red intercom button — we’re here for you.

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