Microsoft Teams bot: get and reply to reviews

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Integration with Microsoft Teams allows you to receive app reviews and reply to them in a separate Microsoft Teams channel.

Add bot to your Team

Install AppFollow: Review Monitor bot:

1. Click on the "Store" tab in the left menu bar;

2. Type "AppFollow” to find the bot and click it in the results list; 

3. Select your team from the “Add a team” dropdown list and click “Install”.

4. Select a channel from the dropdown and click “Setup”;

5. The bot will appear in your Team channel conversations and ask “What can I do?”;

6. Click this question, and you will see two options: help and register. Click “Register” and hit Enter;

7. Your bot is ready to work.

Note: at the moment you can add only one app (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows or Amazon) here. We will add more in next releases.

How to receive reviews and send replies 

 1. Type “@AppFollow: Review Monitor register”.  

2. The bot will send a message with registration link. Click on it to proceed with adding your app. 

3. Type your work email in the first box. In case you already have AppFollow account, enter the password from that account. Here you will receive notifications about new reviews;

4. In the App URL field copy the link to your app from App Store, Google Play, Mac App Store Amazon or Microsoft store and paste it;

5. Type the credentials from your App Store, Google Play or Mac App Store. They will be used to send your replies:

  • Apple ID and password from App Store Connect for you iOS or Mac app (find the guide here)
  • Client ID and client secret from Google Play Console (find how to find them here)
  • for Amazon and Microsoft apps you need only the app URL.

6. Set up filters — what types of reviews you want to receive:

  • “Stars”: allows to receive only reviews with certain amount of stars;
  • “Words”: allows to filter reviews with more or less than three words;
  • “Auto-translate”: enables translation of reviews to the specified language;
  • “Import history”: sends all reviews made within 2 last days into the channel

7. Click “Save Changes”. You’re done!

You will start getting reviews in a couple of minutes.

To reply to review, type the text into the grey area and click “Reply” button to send the message.

The reply will be redirected to Store and published there after approval.

Need help? Just hit the red intercom button — we're here for you.

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