Salesforce Integration: get reviews and send your responses

Integration with Salesforce allows you to get app reviews from App Store and Google Play and reply to them from your Salesforce account.

You need to set up the integrations with App Store Connect and Google Play Console before you will be able to send your reply. Without it you will still get the reviews, but won't be able to send your responses.

Integration Setup

To get the access to app reviews, you need to add the email from your Salesforce and configure your account accordingly:

On the Salesforce end:
  1. Go to your Salesforce account > My Settings;

2. Choose Email settings and click My Email Settings;

3. Tick Send Through Salesforce;

4. Then go to My Email to Salesforce and click Email to Salesforce;

3. Here you need to check that you’ve activated the “Automatically assign to related records” option;

4. Go to Setup > Email-to-Case;

5. Click to edit Email-to-Case settings;

6. Click Enable Email-to-Case and save;

7. The page will be reloaded, and after that you need to create a new routing address on the same page:

8. Here you need to insert two email addresses: routing name (will be displayed as the source address), and the email address (where you will receive the reviews).

You can use the same email for both routing name and email, but you can’t use the owner account email.

9. Scroll further to the Task Settings. Here tick Create Task from Email and choose Open from the dropdown menu. In Case Settings choose Case Origin > Email and click Save;

10. You will be asked to verify your email if you haven’t done it already;

On the AppFollow end:

1. Go to your Salesforce account and copy the Email Service Address from the Email-to-Case page;

2. Go to your AppFollow account > Integrations > Add New integration and choose Salesforce;

3. Insert the email address from the Email-to-Case section and choose the rest of the settings:

  • “Stars”: allows to receive only reviews with certain amount of stars;
  • “Words”: allows to filter reviews with more or less than three words;
  • “Auto-translate”: enables translation of reviews to the specified language;
  • “Import history”: sends all reviews made within 2 last days into the channel.

4. Click Add Integration. It may take an hour or two before your app’s reviews will start coming to your Salesforce account.

You will see the reviews in the Chatter section:

You will see the number of stars, the app name, the text of the review, and a View Email button.

To reply to a review, click "View Email".


I don’t see any review in my Salesforce account:

  • Please make sure you chose to get emails through Salesforce, not Office 365 (Salesforce setup, step 3);
  • Tick import history while setting up the integration in AppFollow (AppFollow setup, step 3). Or you can edit it afterwards;
  • Make sure you have verified your routing email. Check your inbox for a verification email;
  • Sometimes it takes more than an hour to import previous reviews. You can test the integration by sending a test. It will take a couple of minutes to see it in your Salesforce account.

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