Twitter: Auto-Publishing Best App Reviews

AppFollow can automatically post positive user reviews on your Twitter. It can be a personal page or corporate account.

The setup process is very simple.

  • Open an app you’d like to promote on Twitter and click Integrations:
  • Click +Add New Integration
  • Choose Twitter tab and Sign in with Twitter account:
  • Give AppFollow permission to post on your behalf:
  • Set the filters. Most likely you'd like to publish only 5-star reviews. In that case choose is equal to and 5:
  • Save Changes — ready! From now on AppFollow will publish up to 2 best posts per day on your Twitter page.

Below is an example of a post for Super Mario Run. To attract user’s attention AppFollow posts review along with the image and direct link:

Have a look at the live example:

Btw if later you'd like to change the page where posts should be published click on 'pen symbol':

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