Quick way to start using AppFollow

Welcome to AppFollow! It’s a powerful platform for ASO marketing, app search optimization and replying to reviews. We've prepared a guideline that will help you make your first steps here and get acquainted with a whole variety of tools in a fast and efficient way.

STEP 1: Add and divide apps, get your first data

1. Add apps: yours apps and competitors’ apps.

2. Separate apps depending on your team's needs: OS platforms, language speaking, ASO keywords, etc. But at first we suggest using one collection, so it would be easier to keep an eye on your results and your competitors’ ups and downs. You can separate them afterwards.

3. Mark your apps as Favorites, so they could appear in Dashboard to give you a brief look at all the main data.

4. To get app data easier, just set up Slack reports, and you’ll get all data there (ranks, reviews, app updates).

5. Add Team members and choose roles for them. Here we go!

STEP 2: Work with Keywords & ASO tools

1. Add keywords to boost your app visibility in the app stores.

2. Find the most relevant keywords: go to Keyword research > type the search request you're using or plan to use > get the list of other request users are looking for and your competitors use > click a green plus sign to track them. Use Traffic Score to check these keywords' performance.

4. Track how these requests work using Keywords & ASO and Keywords Summary.

5. Set up ASO Report for iOS and Android and analyze the key metrics, like Impressions, Page views, App Units and Conversion rates for the App Store Search (iOS) & Google Play Organic (Android) in Keyword Distribution Chart.

STEP 3: Get reviews and reply to them

1. Get all the reviews on Reviews page. All new, updated reviews and your replies will be there.

2. Use filters to quickly find the right review (with or without reply, with 1* rating or describing a bug). You can use filters by Stars to choose reviews by rating, Featured Reviews to see the most popular ones and filter By Reviews to see those with/without answers or updates. By the way, if the review was changed, so became better/worser- you’ll see that using Filter by Changes.

3. Export reviews with or without filters to access them even without AppFollow interface.

4. Use review statuses, so that the whole support team could share them and reply faster.

5. Set up the App Store Connect and Google Play Console integrations and get reviews in real-time and reply to them using AppFollow interface. Moreover, you can reply via Slack, email or help desks. If you have a Customer Support team, which uses a help desk - there’s no need in rearranging the process.

6. Analyze the impact of your replies using Reviews Analysis, Reviews chart, Ratings chart, Likes chart.

We have Semantic analysis soon to come: main topics, feelings’ chart and most popular words on one page!

STEP 4: Track your rating and grow conversion rates

1. Get notified about Rating changes. ASO is not enough to make users download your app. They won’t just buy pretty images — they require something more convincing: the assurance that other people like the app. Ratings and reviews affect on the conversion rate of your app.

2. Use reply templates to respond to users faster.

1. Monitor Ranking changes in a category.  The higher your rank is, the more users will find and install your app. Check chosen keywords' work in Keywords & ASO, if they don't perform in Top-10 or Top-20, reconsider your ASO-strategy.

2. Check featured apps. This way you can track the tendencies and find competitors to keep an eye on. Get to know what apps will be featured the next day, set up Slack alerts.

STEP 6: Set up analytics tools to grow your sales

1. Add analytics tools, like AppsFlyer, AppMetrica, Search Ads, Google Analytics to deliver your campaigns’ data: clicks, downloads and revenues.

STEP 7: Pick up the right plan

1. Use free 10-day trial period to try out Premium AppFollow features.

2. You'll be downgraded to Free plan automatically after your Trial ends. As an extra bonus you can increase the number of apps and countries to use for free. Check here how to get it.

3. Switch to Premium plan and choose parameters that suit you best. If you choose annual subscription, you will have 20% discount.

Looking to try out all cool features and grow your app business? Click the red Intercom button to schedule a demo!

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