AppsFlyer: clicks, downloads and revenues for iOS and Android apps

Updated 3 weeks ago by Kate Dudkina

Set up

  1. Click “Integrations” on the left menu;
  2. Click “Add New Integration” > “AppsFlyer”. Here you need API key;
  3. To find it, go to;
  4. Click your app > API access on the left;
  5. Copy your API Key and paste to your AppMetrica integration pop-up in AppFollow;
  6. Click “Add Integration”. It is done!

Once it's done you will see "Add to Slack" button. Click on it and choose what kind of reports you'd like to receive — daily or weekly ones.

The reports will be delivered to your current Slack channels (either Reviews or Keywords, or App Updates):

Need help? Just hit the red Intercom button — we’re here for you.

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