Okta: AppFollow SSO

Setup Single Sign-On with Okta to provide your team with a single access to AppFollow.

How to set up

On the part of Okta:

1. Go to COMPANY-admin.okta.com/admin/apps/add-app and click “Create a new app”;

2. Choose Web + SAML 2.0 and click “Create”;

3. Setup the following parameters:

  • Single sign on URL: https://sso.appfollow.io/acs
  • SP Entity ID: https://sso.appfollow.io/metadata/
  • Default RelayState: the email associated with AppFollow
  • Name ID Format: Email Address
  • Application username: Email

4. Add the following Attributes:

  • Email / Basic/ user.email
  • FirstName / Basic / user.firstName
  • LastName / Basic / user.lastName

5. Copy SSO parameters to AppFollow admin:

  • Identity Provider Issue: Entity ID in AppFollow
  • Identity Provider Single-Sign-On URL = SAML SSO URL in AppFollow
  • Public certificate: X.509 Certificate in AppFollow without comments
On the part of AppFollow:

1. Go to https://watch.appfollow.io/settings/sso;

2. Paste here the parameters you have copied from the previous step;

3. Click “Save”;

4. Get back to Okta;

5. Assign Application to users that will have the access to AppFollow account:

6. Open Okta dashboard

7. Log into watch.appfollow.io in a new tab in the browser

You should see the “Single Sign-On Enabled” sign.

Need help with the settings?

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