How to invite AppFollow to access App Store Connect and Google Play Console

You can easily improve your app store optimization and app promotion strategy by letting AppFollow ASO experts work on your ASO strategy.

ASO strategy will include several iterations, such as semantic core analysis, text optimization, screenshots testing, etc. The full list is here.

To thorough analyze your data and come up with the best solution, we need the access to your App Store Connect or Google Play Console (or both, depending on your request).

How to provide the right access

App Store Connect (ex-iTunes Connect)

Add a new user to give us the right access to App Store Connect (ex-iTunes Connect). Only users with the Admin or App Manager role can create new user on App Store Connect (ex-iTunes Connect).

Go to your App Store Connect page:

  1. Open Users and Roles;
  2. Click a “plus” sign to add a new user;
  3. Type the First and Last Name (you can use any) and email
  4. Click Next;
  5. Check two boxes: Sales and Marketer. It will give us access to analytics and metadata;
  6. Click “All Apps” or only apps we will be auditing.
  7. Click Next and then Save.

Google Play Console

You need to add a new user to give us the right access to Google Play Console.

Only users with the Account Owner role can create new user.

Go to your Google Play Console:

  1. Click Settings > Users & permissions;
  2. Hit “Invite new user” and type the email;
  3. Choose access expires “Never” and select the role Read Only;
  4. Click Send Invitation.

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