Search Ads data in your Slack channel

Updated 3 weeks ago by Kate Dudkina

Set up

1. Go to the Integration tab on the left menu and click “Add New Integration”;

2. Choose Search Ads and click “Add Integration”;

3. Here you will need to add Key file and Pem file. To find them go to > Sign in > Advanced;

4. Open your account Settings in the right upper corner > API tab, or use the direct link:;

5. Check that API certification has not expired. Click Admin > Actions > Download certificate;

6. The archive with both files will be downloaded to your device;

7. Unzip the folder and see the set of keys:

8. Add Admin.key and Admin.pem from Search Ads into required fields and hit “Add Integration”.

Once it's done you will see a new button Add to Slack. Click on it and choose what kind of reports you'd like to receive — daily or weekly ones.

The reports will be delivered to the selected Slack channel:

Need help? Just hit the red Intercom button — we’re here for you.

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