What is AppFollow

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Using AppFollow you will be able to promote your mobile app, set up ASO marketing and easily reply to Android apps and iOS apps reviews. Here we will guide you through AppFollow and direct you to the right places so you could accomplish your goals faster.

What AppFollow does

  1. Boost your app installs via ASO tools;
  2. Gather all data in one place;
  3. Track and analyze every user breath;
  4. Gain their loyalty by responding to their feedback;
  5. Track your competitors ups and downs to leave them behind;
  6. Manage the team effectiveness in one place.

Supported app stores

Track apps from all countries and any popular app store:

  • App Store,
  • Google Play,
  • Microsoft Store,
  • Amazon Appstore,
  • Mac App Store.

Add your first app

Available app data

  • App metadata
  • Versions history
  • Average rating
  • Stars history
  • Reviews
  • Developers replies
  • Reply to reviews
  • Reviews history
  • Likes/dislikes
  • Keywords positions
  • Rankings
  • Featured apps/games
  • Sales metrics (for your apps only, need integration)
  • ASO metrics

To access to publishing developer replies, sales and ASO metrics, you need to add integration with App Store Connect and Google Play Console.

Reports channels

All reports

Reply channels

We cover App Store, Google Play and Mac App Store. Microsoft Store is coming soon.

Start replying to iOS reviews

Start replying to Mac review

Start replying to Android reviews

Review monitor channels

  • Email
  • AppFollow dashboard (+reply)
  • Zendesk (+reply)
  • Zendesk native app (+reply)
  • Slack  (+reply)
  • Helpshift (+reply)
  • Intercom (+reply)
  • Help Scout (+reply)
  • Freshdesk (+reply)
  • Usedesk (+reply)
  • Groove
  • Front (+reply)
  • Desk.com (+reply)
  • Trello
  • HipChat
  • Telegram
  • Workplace by Facebook
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Twitter
  • Discord

Or set up integration with any other system using our API

Coming soon:

  • Stride
  • Firebase
  • Salesforce
  • Yammer
  • Kayako
  • Hangouts Chat

All integrations

Is it safe to put data in AppFollow?

Absolutely. AppFollow is organized according to the laws of Finland. We use GDPR compliant, so your data won’t be shared or sold to any third-party organizations.

Check out our Privacy policy and User Agreement.

How accurate our data is

Our data is 100% accurate, as we gather it from:

  • All app stores we support,
  • App Store Connect,
  • Google Play Console,
  • Search Ads,
  • AppsFlyer
  • AppMetrica
  • Google Analytics

For Premium plan we update data twice an hour. For Free plan we update data daily.

How much it will cost

We are flexible regarding prices – choose and pay for those options you need today. If something changes tomorrow, include or exclude the features.

You can use AppFollow for free: track 2 apps in 2 countries, 20 keywords, limited replies.

Try Premium plan for free

Use our price calculator

Request a personal offer

What will happen after trial

We will notify you 3 days before your trial ends. Here you have 4 options:

  1. Subscribe to our Premium plan;
  2. Request a demo, in case you think you need help with understanding all AppFollow capacities;
  3. Do nothing, and we will downgrade you to Free plan with fewer options;
  4. Share a word about AppFollow and extend your trial

Why trust us

We are a Finnish company, but our team works worldwide. First gathered in 2015, we have now 31 employees and a pull of investors from EU. Sony, Hubspot, Expedia, Vevo and 20.000 other companies have trusted us their apps and data.

More about us

Any questions?

Feel free to ask us anything via the red intercom button or request a demo – we’ll share all AppFollow insights with you!

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