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App Rating helps your app to attract more users as people tend to buy or downloads apps that other people like. Using AppFollow Dashboard you can easily monitor your apps' rating and find the reason when it starts to fall.

The information on the overall rating of your app is available on the collection page or app page:

For Google Play apps we display ratings collected from all countries while the stars number in App Store and Windows Store depends on the particular countries added to your collection settings. The ratings info is updated once a day.

Please note, that if the rating is not available on your AppFollow account, it might be missing in the appstore as well. If you still can't find it in the appstore, please write to the live chat about the mismatch.

Please note that to activate your access to day-by-day rating for Google Play you need to set up Sales integration for the selected GP app. Accurate data will be available on the next day after the integration is connected.As well as in the Google Play console there will be no data on stars for the last 3 days.Only new ratings for the period are displayed on Cumulative Rating Graph, data is taken from standard Google Play Console reports (gsutil, you can find more details here). To have access to that data you need to connect Sales-integration with the console .

'Collecting Rating' as a PRO-feature

In your Premium account you can choose "Collecting rating" as a PRO-feature to your plan. It will help you:

  • collect ratings from all countries for each appstore regardless of the settings;
  • get the rating for each particular country from the app collection (using AppFollow API);
  • receive data on the average rating based on all ratings for your apps (including ratings without users' comments) in the email reports or through API. Without this option you can find the average rating calculated from the fetched reviews ratings only.
  • get updates about the current version rating via email reports or API.

Here is an example of how emails reports on reviews may differ (with and without "Collecting rating"):

 "Collect rating" is on:                 "Collect rating" is off

Feel free to use our price calculator to get an idea about the feature rates:

Getting Ratings through API

All the available data on ratings could be also accessed through the AppFollow API

Ratings Statistics

Displaying detailed ratings statistics on your AppFollow account is one of our prioritized tasks for the months to come. If you need a custom report right away, please press the red button at the right bottom corner of this page and drop us a line to the live chat.  

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