ASO Tools: what to use to increase your app conversion rate

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AppFollow provides you with the bunch of ASO Tools that help you boost your ASO app store optimization and get many app downloads.

Keywords & ASO (it is a drop down menu, and yes, you can click it) — Find how your keywords work, what traffic score and position they have.

Keywords summary (iPhone, iPad) — Explore how good your competitors are in terms of your keywords.

Keyword research — Track down the best matches of words and phrases your users use.

Traffic score (iPhone, iPad) — Get 100% accurate keywords search volume.

Trending monitor (iPhone, iPad) — Spot new trendy user requests.

Word counter — Define the words that are visible in short description and check their positions.

App Preview — Discover how your new graphic, text and video will look like on different devices.

Conversion benchmark — Spot which categories run the app business and compare your results with the market.

Google Sheets add-on — Use full-featured Google Sheets add-on for all the ASO Tools: discover new keywords, get traffic data and search results for every keyword.

AppFollow API

Another way to export your data from ASO Tools:

API: Description, methods, examples

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