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AppFollow has a special interface that helps you track rating (stars) for iOS, Android and Windows apps. Premium accounts have access to the Collect ratings option that activates the data collection process. 

How to activate it 

While updating your subscription, click Advanced access to ASO & API among other necessary features:

Once the feature is activated, the data will be automatically collected and displayed in the Reviews dropdown list, under the tab Ratings Chart on the left menu:

Main graph shows rating dynamics per day. It has a split by stars and trend line. It also shows average rating over a period of time and dates when updates were released or app got featured (see small red triangles on X axis).

We have two graphs: Relative and Absolute. The first one displays rating for every day so that you could compare the difference between days, while the second one shows how total rating changes daily. Both graphs include information on deleted reviews as well. If you’d like to track only existing reviews, please go to Reviews page - here you can filter deleted or existing reviews. Find the 'switch' button right under the graph:

Rating data collection available on Trial & Premium accounts with “Collect rating” option. Rating data is collected on daily basis. If you add your app today, you’ll see the Absolute rating tomorrow, and Relative rating — the day after tomorrow (the Relative rating shows the difference between days so it takes another day to show up).

The data about apps can be filtered by country* and version. 

*Android apps don't have a country filter yet, the data is based on worldwide numbers.

  • Extra graphs: Rating by Stars, by Countries and by Versions (only for iOS-apps):

  • There is also a graph that compares favourite apps (usually users compare iOS and Android in order to evaluate each platform performance):

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