Types of Ratings

Total Ratings (With and Without Reviews)

When a user leaves a star rating, they can choose to add an additional public message (review) or submit the rating without any additional information. Both types of ratings are counted towards the app's stats.

You can track these ratings in the following sections:

  • Total ratings are available to an end-user on an app's page in the store and synced to the "My Apps" section of AppFollow.
  • Cumulative and Incremental ratings and their history are available on the Rating Chart.
  • Avg. New Ratings on the Ratings & Reviews Dashboard shows you the average score of all ratings submitted during the specified timeframe.

Only Ratings With Reviews

Ratings are the most simple and straightforward user sentiment indicator. Low ratings show that a user isn't happy with an app, while higher ratings are always a good sign.

When a user leaves a review, you get the chance to understand the reasoning behind their rating. Track the review rating score to understand the general sentiment of user feedback.

You can find this info in the following sections:

  • Avg. Review Ratings on the Ratings & Reviews Dashboard shows you the average score of those ratings that were accompanied by a review during the specified timeframe.
  • The Reviews Chart page shows you a detailed breakdown of review ratings.
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