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Bulk Actions allow you to select several reviews on the Reply to Reviews page at once and apply the same action to all of them. Speed up your review workflow by spending less time on routine tasks.

Available Bulk Actions

The following actions can be performed in bulk:

  • Reply to reviews
  • Add a tag
  • Report a concern 
  • Submit a reply that is pending approval
  • Delete a reply that is pending approval

The Reply to Reviews Bulk Action is activated separately. Please confirm your request in our interface and your account manager will reach to confirm further details.

The other actions will be available on your account if the feature itself is activated already. For example, if the Report a Concern feature is included in your current subscription plan, the Report a Concern Bulk Action will be available as well.

How to Apply Bulk Actions

1. Check the box next to the reviews you’d like to apply the Bulk Action to.

2. Choose the available action.

3. Confirm the action.

Reply to Reviews Using Bulk Actions

With Bulk Actions, you may respond to a review in 3 different ways:

  1. Reply with a specific message. This way the same reply will be applied to all selected reviews.
  2. Reply with a template to send a specific saved reply to all chosen reviews.
  3. Reply with a Random Template from a Folder allows you to vary your replies and ensure that you don't post the same message multiple times in a row. To use this option, please create multiple Reply Templates in a Template folder.

To give your messages a more human touch, feel free to use Bulk Actions with Random Reply Templates. This will ensure that the exact same replies don't get posted one after the other, and your replies will appear more diverse to anyone browsing your app's reviews.

 More details are available in the article Reply to Reviews: Reply Templates.

Replies are processed one-by-one in descending order, and each answer will appear within 5 minutes.

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