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Our new Organic Traffic Dashboard is a great tool to track your app performance across all countries. You will be able to analyze key metric to evaluate the success of your app. This page is dedicated to the analysis of Organic Traffic. It means that we are measuring traffic generated my users that land on your app as a result of unpaid (β€œorganic”) search results.

πŸ’‘ in order to access full functionality of this page, connect your App Store Connect or Google Play Console account.

Before starting to analyze the numbers on this page, choose an app, date range and a country:

πŸ’‘ Worldwide in the country filter will show an overview for all countries.

The page begins with most important ASO and traffic metrics:

  • Ranked keywords β€” this window shows the total number of keywords an app is indexed by on the store in all countries;
  • Total Downloads is the overall number of app installs generated in the selected time span;
  • Conversion rate is the percentage of users who downloads the selected app after seeing its icon on app stores. Category Average helps to compare the conversion rate of your app with the average rate by category. You can learn about category conversion rates here.
 Next to each index, you can see a small graph showing the dynamics for the selected time period. Hover over this chart to see the exact number for each day:

Below the chart, there's some useful insights: e.g the downloads of our app has decreased by 2372 compared with the previous period.


The Downloads chart reflects app downloads with a breakdown by traffic channels and conversion rate . Hover over the chart to see details for each day. On the right, there's the same info formed as a donut chart:

Visit this page to learn more about Google Play traffic channels.

Most Valuable Keywords and Keywords by Country

Below the Downloads chart, there are 2 two tabs offering insights about keywords.

Most Valuable Keywords are the keywords that generate the biggest number of downloads for your app across all countries. So, don't be surprised to find keywords in different languages. Each o these words has  % of search downloads and the number of search downloads. They show the share of installs coming from the Search traffic channel. 

Keywords by Country view provides 2 donuts with additional info about keywords. The upper donut shows the number of keywords an app ranks for in different countries. A lower donut displays the difference between branded keywords (those that include app brand name) and non-branded keywords. In our case, the app generates most of it downloads through non-branded keywords.

Search Traffic Performance and Organic Keyword Trend

Search Traffic Performance window combines indicators to evaluate the volume of your search traffic and its dynamics. On the picture below we can see that an app ranks for 8,200 keywords on the store in all countries (apps in the same category rank for 4,600 keywords on the average). These keywords provide 782,400 search impressions and 25,000 search downloads (CR or conversion rate from Impressions to Installs is 3.2%). Note that we only consider organic traffic here. 

Organic Keyword Trend shows more details about keywords that your app is indexed by on the stores. Here's how you can read it: On 4th December, the app was ranking 1st for 282 keywords, in Top-5 β€” for 2,063 keywords and so on.

Search Visibility Map

Search Visibility Map will show countries with the best ASO optimization done for your app. By visibility, we mean the number of keywords that will show your app in search. The bigger this number, the bigger the visibility of your app. Looking at the picture below, we can see that the app has the biggest visibility in France because most of the keywords here show this app within the Top-10 search results.  

By clicking Search Downloads on the top of this map, you will discover countries where your app generates the biggest share of downloads from Search Traffic Channel during the time span selected in the date picker:

Explore Visibility: Category Ranking Summary

Switch to Explore Visibility to find our Ranking Summary. It will show countries with the highest ranking of your app. Diff means the difference between the selected time span and the preceding day.

Get more insights on our Category Rankings page.

Keyword Positioning Map

Keyword positioning map shows the top 100 keywords for the selected app in organic search results. Each dot represents a keyword. This graph allows to compare keyword popularity agains its difficulty in order to pick the best keywords for updating your app meta data. Hover over the dots to see the information for each keyword on the map.

The colors of the dots represent the app's position by this keyword. Green dots represent positions 1-4, yellow is 5, orange is 6, red is 7-9, and we show gray dots when the position is lower than 10.

Need more? Open the Support Beacon in the bottom right corner – we're here to help!

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