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Keep track of your Review queue and prioritize your replies with the help of the Review Status feature. Review Statuses are currently in beta. Please contact us if you would like to get access to this feature.

To enable Review Statuses:

  1. Set up a Google Play Console or App Store Connect integration.
  2. Send us a message at so we could enable this feature for your account.

Available Statuses

Statuses change automatically when you receive a new Review, when you post a reply to a Review, and when a user updates their Review. To change the status manually, click on the current status, and select a new status.

  • Open : applied automatically to all new reviews.
  • Closed : applied automatically after you post a reply, or manually whenever you choose to close a Review.
  • Reopened : applied automatically when a user updates their review, or manually whenever you choose to re-open a ticket.
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