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AppFollow Slack bot @appfollowbot allows you to get access to the following data in the App Store and Google Play:

  • Rankings — check app positions in category tops in any country for iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Search — view search results for specific keywords and keyphrases
  • Suggestions — examine search suggestions in appstores in any country
  • Trending Search — the most popular search requests in any country (only for the App Store)
  • App Details— search and review basic information about any app in the App Store or Google Play

You can add AppFollow Slack bot in your AppFollow account settings by clicking on Add to Slack under the text "Add @appfollowbot to your team". Or by adding any Slack integration.

More details and videos about bot setup and everyday work is available in Slack App Directory:

It's also possible to set- up Slack Reply Bot to speed up your work with customer reviews. Learn more on how to set it up.

We also have a bot for Telegram. Check it out here.

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