Troubleshooting Google Play Integration issues

If you come across some difficulties with the  Google Play console integrations, please check the most common cases described below.

Navigation between apps

The list of all integrations is available to manage on the Integrations page. Select the app from the Tracked Apps to set the integration for.

Issues with the Google Play integration settings

1. Account permissions and the app access

If you have troubles with the Google Play integration set up, first of all, please check the permissions of the Google developer account and the access to the app.

It is required for the Google developer account to have the proper permission settings in order to set the integrations.

  • For Reviews & Replies integration, it is required for the Google developer account to have the ‘View app information’ and ‘Reply to reviews’ permissions.
  • For ASO Report, it is required to grant ‘View app information’ permission for the account. This account needs to have read-only access to the app.
  • For the Sales Report integration, the Google developer account should have ‘View app information’ and ‘View financial data’ permissions.
Manage permissions

If you don't have the required permissions granted for your Google developer account, you may ask the Google developer account owner or another user with the proper access level to provide the permissions for you. 

Permissions are managed from Google developer account -> Settings > Users & permissions:

App access

The Google developer account that is used for the integration settings should have the access to the app.

The owner of the Google developer account can grant global or per-app access for users before setting up permissions:

  • Global: Global access applies to all apps in the developer account.
  • Per-app: Per-app access only applies to the selected app.

Errors during the integration settings

The most common errors that might occur during the integration set up process are:

2. 401. Error: invalid_client no support email

Sometimes after finishing setup, you might see the following error on Google while logging in:

To fix it open Settings of your Google Play console and re-login.

3. Error 401: invalid_client no application name

If you see the following error on Google while logging in:

Please make sure that email address and product name is configured in the Consent screen of Google developer console. Open the Credentials tab using the left sidebar menu -> Open the OAuth consent screen tab using the top link in the central area -> Set the Email address field value -> Set the Product name shown to users field value -> Press the Save button. 

This page is available for account owner, if you don't have the access, please ask Google developer account owner to adjust the app details.

4. I enter the credentials but the integration is not connecting.

If there are several projects in your Google developer account, make sure you are using the correct Client secret and Client ID for the app you are setting integration for.

Reviews & Replies settings issues:
5. I don’t have the API access section in Google Play Console. 

If you are not the owner of the Google Play Developer account, the API access section is not available for you. The API can only be managed by the owner of your Google Play Developer account.

6. I get the error when entering the code. 

Please make sure that you login to the same Google developer account to get the confirmation code (from the step 10 in this instruction) that has the access to the app, the correct permissions (‘View app information’ and ‘Reply to reviews’) and that you used to get the Client ID and secret.

7. Error 403: restricted_client

You may get this error when setting the Reviews & Replies integration on the step when it is required to enter to the code.

Please, follow these instructions to set up the OAuth requests for you app.

ASO Report settings issues:
8. I can’t set the ASO Report integration.

To troubleshoot this issue, please make sure you have invited the account to your Google developer console with the read-only access to the app and ‘View app information’ permissions. Make sure the Account ID is entered correctly.
If the issue remains, please email us to following screenshots:
- the permissions of the;
- the Account ID from Google developer console.
We will investigate your case in details further.

Sales Report settings issues:
9. I can’t set the Sales Report integration.

It is important that the Developer ID is different from the Account ID that is used for the ASO Report integration. Here is the video instruction and the step-by-step guide on where to find the Developer ID. 
Also, the Google developer account used for the integration settings should have the access level "View app information" and "View financial data".
If the issue remains please email us to with the following screenshots: 
- the Developer ID from GP console that you use;
- the access level of Google Account that you use while pressing the 'get this code here' button.
This should help to investigate the case further.

10. Nothing happens once I enter the code.

For the Sales Report integration to be working, the app should have the Financial reports available in the Google Play Console. Sometimes, especially the recently launched apps may not yet have the financial reports. Please login to Google Play Console and make sure the Financial reports section is available for the app.

Issues with the Google Play integration 

The status of the integration could be checked on the Integrations page. To check if the integration is working click on Actions -> Check Status. If the integration highlighted red and the integration status is ‘Error’, it means this integration needs to be reset. The details of the error are available on the hover.

11. ‘Invalid credentials’ error. 

If the status of the integration on the Integrations page shows ‘Invalid credentials’ error this means the connection with the Google Play consoles should be reset. To deal with this error, please remove the integration with the error and set the new one with the help of this instruction.

Before setting the integrations, please make sure the Google Play Console Terms of Service are accepted. The terms should be accepted from the account that is used for the integration setting.
12. Replies are not posted

- Reply to Reviews API quota reached.

AppFollow helps you to reply to customer reviews from the Google Play Store. However, Google Play limits the volumes of reviews that can be published daily -  500 replies per day. Learn here how to request the limits to be increased.

- Reply text is too long.

Reply text for the review in Google Play may have 350 symbols. Make sure your reply is within this limit.

If anything from the above doesn't help, please reach us via or via live chart. 
We would need you to specify:
- what app and collection do you set the integration for;
- what type of the integration do you want to set (Replies & Reviews, ASO Report, Sales Report);
- screenshot of the error or the video of the process of connecting the integration;
- screenshot of the credentials (Client secret/Client ID or Account ID or Developer ID depending on the type of the integration);
- screenshot of the Google developer account permissions and the access to the app.
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