Set up integration to report inappropriate Google Play app reviews

You can report reviews that violate the Google Play Comment Posting Policy directly from the AppFollow interface or Zendesk.

Please, follow the instruction below to set the ability to report a concern to Google Play reviews.
  1. Invite the account to your Google Play console with Reply to reviews access. To do this, open your Google Play Console, go to the Developer account > Users & permissions section and click "Invite new user" button.
  2. Go to AppFollow "Integrations" page.
  3. Choose your app in the right sidebar to add the integration.
  4. Tap the "Add integration" button and open "Report a concern" tab.
  5. There you need to fill in Account ID. To get your Account ID open your Google Play Console. You can find Account ID in the URL:;
    Copy these 20 digits and paste in the Account ID field.

  6. Click "Add Integration".
  7. All is done!

Explore more about reviews reporting in our article – Report a concern in AppFollow

You can automate concerns reporting with our automation rules.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

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