What can be wrong with auto-reply rules?

When setting auto-reply rules, you can set conditions in different ways. 

Let's consider the most common case. 

If we have created two rules:

Rule 1: conditions are listed using 'AND'.
This means the rule will be applied only if a review has all the listed conditions.
As in the example, the rule should have both words 'fun' and 'love'.

Rule 2: there is one condition for the review to contain several words separated with I.
This means the rule will be applied for a review that has any of these words.

If there are two reviews received:

Rule 1 will be applied for the review from Maria only as it contains both conditions. The review from Irina doesn't satisfy the condition for the Rule 1.

Rule 2 will be applied for both reviews. Both reviews has at least one of the words that trigger the rule to be applied.

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