Store Performance Index

Store Performance Index is our first step towards automated app evaluation system.

  • We calculate it for each app on the Apps page. It shows overall performance of your app on the stores.
  • We calculate the Store Performance Index based on ASO and reviews metrics combined (you can find them in Performance Index Overview).
  • Our system converts these parameters into an averaged score:

Store Performance Index includes the following components:

  • Characters in Title. If you include more characters in the title, your app will rank for more keywords. It will affect the success of your ASO and, in turn, our Store Performance Index.
  • Characters in Subtitle. Subtitle is another important part of text optimization. Make sure you use as many characters as possible to have your app indexed for more keywords!
  • Total Indexed Keywords shows an overall number of keywords an app is ranking for on the stores. The bigger this number, the bigger the Store Performance Index.
  • Keyword Visibility Score reflects the success of text optimization efforts. The higher the score, the more visible your app is in organic search results. Read more about Keyword Visibility Score here.
  • Average Rating is app's average rating shown on the app stores. 
  • Average Rating by Reviews indicates rating left by app users together with reviews.
  • Average Rating by Featured Reviews shows app rating for featured reviews only.
  • Featured Reviews Replies. Featured reviews are the first comments your potential users will see on your app page. Remember to answer them in the first place as it will affect your brand reputation. Not only that, speedy bug fixes and quick replies to featured reviews will encourage users to change their review rating, and, as a result, it will improve app's average rating. 
  • Category Chart Ranking shows app position in its category on the stores. FInd out more details here.
Red triangles show areas you need to work on. You are welcome to ask our ASO team for help. We can increase your app search visibility and a lot more!

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