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Track your keywords positions to promote your app and improve app promotion strategies. Knowing that gives you the insights of which keywords you need to add, what to delete and where your competitors are. AppFollow provides you with the proven ASO tools from the ASO experts that work with them on daily bases.

Track keywords' performance

Simply analyze which apps in your collection did better for certain keywords:

Here we see all apps from the collection and keywords, added to the collection. Additionally we show search results positions changes, Traffic score (in our example a keyword “solitaire” has the highest score) and how many apps in the app store use this keyword (in this case a keyword “solitaire games” is used by 6385 apps. 5 apps from the collection rank in Top-5).

The results will be different depending on the country and time period chosen:

Filter keywords

You have two options to filter keywords: More and Sort By:

More section includes:

  • Keywords Spy (for App Store) spies the exact keywords your competitors from the collection use. From the chart you can choose the keywords with the highest score and less number of competitors and add them to our keyword set.
  • Favorites section shows only favorite apps.
  • Missing Keywords section excludes favorite apps and shows only competitors’ ones.
  • Show All Apps displays apps that use this keyword, including apps that are not in the collection. Top-100 for App Store or Top-50 for Google Play.

Sort by includes:

  • Keywords A-Z/ Z-A — Alphabet order.
  • Positions — Position of Favorite apps.
  • Change of position — Ups and downs over a chosen period.
  • Count Apps — How many apps from your app collection can be found with a particular keyword.
  • Total Apps — Total amount of apps in search results for a particular keyword.

Export data

If you want to save time switching between pages and filters, export app data into one file:

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