Is it safe to keep data in AppFollow?

AppFollow pays close attention to your data security. We want to reassure you that we take security questions very seriously and keep your data safe.

  • Do you use any bug bounty programs?

No, but we plan to start using them in 2020. At the moment all security audits are performed internally.

  • Did you make use of independent penetration tests of your service?

These kind of tests will be introduced together with bugs bounty initiative.

  • Have there been security incidents in the past?

No major security incidents have ever happened. We have received a few minor reports in the past, but no harm to our customers and the service was done.

  • Do you have any accredited security-relevant certifications?

No, but we’re investigating the necessity of this.

  • Do you make use of third-party services?

We host our servers on Amazon Web Services and Hetzner Cloud. We use Google Cloud Platform as well.

The company is organized according to the laws of Finland and uses GDPR compliance agreement.

AppFollow doesn’t directly work with personal data, all data is collected from public sources unless third party accounts are connected to AppFollow (e.g. App Store Connect or Google Play Console, then AppFollow uses third-party account details). Please, contact us if you need more details on this matter.

Check out our Privacy policy and User Agreement.

Need more details? Keep in touch with our Customer Success team — just hit the red chat button or ping us at help@appfollow,io, we’re here.

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