Zendesk App and Zendesk Email Integration Comparison

AppFollow helps to set the process for the Support teams and reply to app reviews directly from the Zendesk account.

The integration with Zendesk helps to:
- receive the history of the app reviews;
- monitor new reviews and keep the track of all review updates;
- post and edit replies with no redirects to consoles;
- set the workflow by applying the filters and assigning reviews for the responsible teammates.

Integration with Zendesk allows working with app reviews from App Store and Mac App Store, Google Play, Windows Store, Amazon App Store.

There are two options to set integration with Zendesk to reply to reviews: Zendesk native app and Zendesk email integration


Both Zendesk native app and Zendesk email integration allow receiving reviews and posting replies for the reviews directly from Zendesk. Zendesk native app provides enhanced functionality for working with reviews such as tags and 'Report a concern' feature.

Zendesk app
Zendesk email integration
Set up
from Zendesk account from AppFollow account
Supported stores App Store & Mac App Store, Google Play, 
Windows Store, Amazon App Store
App Store & Mac App Store, Google Play, 
Windows Store, Amazon App Store
Widget with
review additional

Tags about 
users, reviews and device

List of tags is available here

Auto-tags synchronization
with AppFollow account

Learn more about this feature here

Report a concern
Learn more about this feature here

If you need assistance with choosing what integration to set or any help with the settings, please feel free to reach our support team anytime!

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