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AppFollow integration with Jira lets you stay updated about users’ complaints, bugs, and feature requests. Using it you can receive app reviews right into Jira and save time creating new issues and feature requests.

How to Set Up Jira Integration

Add specific user for reviews. Open: https://YOURTEAM.atlassian.net/people/ > Manage Users > Invite Users.Email address: reviews@mg.appfollow.io
Pick: Jira Software

Setup an incoming mail handler. Open Jira Software > Jira Settings > Services > Incoming Mail.
Choose Mail handlers > Add incoming mail handler.
Handler: Create a new issue or add a comment to an existing issue. 
Find an email for Jira integration. You will need to insert it into your AppFollow account. Open https://YOURTEAM.atlassian.net/secure/admin/IncomingMailServers.jspa
Copy the email from Default Cloud Mail Server. If you don’t have it, add: jira@YOURTEAM.attlasian.net
Open your AppFollow account > Integrations > Jira and click “Add integration”.

Paste the email you have just copied to the Jira Software email field.

Choose which reviews you want to receive: all, featured, negative or positive ones (mark the number of stars), or import reviews history. Select the language or leave it empty and get all languages.
Click “Add integration”. Once it’s done, you will start getting new app reviews into your Jira account.

Do you want to reply to your users?   

Set up Zendesk, Slack, Helpshift, Help Scout, Intercom, or Usedesk integration to reply to your users and make sure Reply to reviews integrations with the stores are set up.

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