Telegram Tags Integration

If you are having different teams working with different sorts of issues, e.g. technical support, reputation management and so on, you can set multiple chats to keep teams informed on new comments related to their topics.

How to set up

The Tags Integration could be set via Telegram Reply Bot. To get started, you need to add the bot to your Telegram account:

1. Create Telegram chat to receive tagged reviews.

2. Add @appfollow_reply_bot as a member:

2. Type /start, and you will get the Chat id:

The Chat id may start with the symbol '-' which should be also copied. For example, if you have the Chat id: -123456789 you need to use the full entry.

3. Copy the digits and go to > Integrations.  Select an app and the Telegram Tags integration, click '+Add integration'.

4. Paste the Telegram Chat id and select tags.

The bot will send reviews with the specified tags directly to the chat. You can select one or multiple tags for one chat. The integration supports manual and auto-tags. Semantic tags are not supported.

6.  Click "Add integration".

Once the integration is set up, you’ll be receiving alerts real-time as soon as there is a new review tagged with the selected tag(s).

If a certain tag was assigned to the same review several times during one day, only one alert will be sent for this review to avoid spamming.

The following options are available:

- Permalink will open a review in a separate tab;

- Translate allows checking translation via Google translate;

- Add tag will open your AppFollow account page to manage tags.

For apps having active Reviews&Replies integration, it will be also possible to post a reply directly from Telegram (Reply button).

Need help? Feel free to reach our support with any questions!

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