Slack integration: monitor app activity and reply to reviews

Integration with Slack gives you a clue about what's going on with your app or mobile game. Monitor customer feedback, reply to negative and positive reviews, and track any app changes to boost your app downloads.

Track app activities using Slack. We support:

  • App Store;
  • Google Play;
  • Microsoft Store;
  • Amazon Appstore;
  • Mac App Store.

How to set up

1. Click “Integrations” on the left menu, select the app and click '+Add New Integration' -> Slack;

2. Choose what types of notifications you want to get:

  • New & updated reviews;
  • Ranks history;
  • Featured breakdown;
  • Search Ads;
  • App updates;
  • App featuring;
  • Keyword history;
  • Smart Alerts (machine learning algorithms will check users mood and notify you if something happened - coming soon).
If you want to receive several alerts, add them separately.

3. Click “Add to Slack” to start receiving any of the notifications from the previous step.

  • You will be redirected to the Slack page, where you need to type your Slack workplace.
  • Type the workplace’s name and click “Continue”:
  • Enter your email and password from the workplace and click “Sign in”.

4. Choose Slack channel where you will get THIS type of notifications:

  • Click the drop-down menu “Select channel”.
  • Here you can choose any existing channel or create a new one specifically for alerts and notifications.
  • Click “Authorize”.

Your Slack notification is on. Now you will see all Slack integrations (marked with a green tick):

You can create as many Slack channels, as you need. You may have several channels for different alerts and teams: product owner will get app updates, and customer support team — new reviews.

Adjust notifications to your needs

Instant alerts

  • App Updates

Alerts about App Changes

  • Reviews Summary;
  • Reviews Updates Summary;
  • Reviews;
  • Keyword History;
  • Ranks History;
  • Search Ads;
  • Smart Alerts (coming soon).

You can change your integrations' settings:

  • If you want to get all reviews, or only good or bad ones;
  • Only featured;
  • How often to be notified: real-time, once a day, a week or a month;
  • Languages;
  • Frequency of Summary reports: daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

Alerts about Getting Featured

You can set up the alert to find out when your app or competitors get featured on the Today, Apps, and Games tabs, or mentioned in the featured collection.

To do so, choose Featured breakdown option. You will then receive an alert each time your app appeared in a featured tab or collection. All mentions from the Today tab will come the day before it happens.

Here is how how your alerts will look like in Slack:

As soon as your app has changes, a Slack alert will let you know.

Looking to reply to a review right from Slack? Get our Slack bot and reply in two clicks!


1. You can get the same notifications twice. It may happen if you have added the same notification type two or more times. Delete unnecessary integrations:

2. You receive daily sales report only the next day. Sometimes it takes more time from Google to collect this data. That’s why it may be delay with delivering sales report the same day.

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