Slack integration: Featured Breakdown

If you don't want to miss your app featuring, then Slack Featured Brekdown could be a good option for you. Below we'll see, how to set it up.

Step 1. Go to Integrations sections --> select your app --> add Slack integration --> choose Featured Breakdown.

Step 2. You will be offered then to decide on the channel, where you'd like to receive notifications.

Step 3. Add some more filters - either Summary report or use countries only from the collection (otherwise it will notify you about featuring worldwide) or do both.

Step 4. Here we are - your integration has been set up.

So now let us please show, how these notifications look like.

Featured breakdown without Summary report.

Featured breakdown with Summary report.

From this perspective, as you could see, summary allows you to follow on more data which we find quite useful.

Should you be on a free plan, you'll be limited to the country range namely you'll have only the countries selected in your collection.

The data here is gathered and sent according to the following schedule: 

For IOS Featured today - daily at 15:00 GMT. The data sent reveals results for tomorrow namely today at 15:00 GMT you'll get Featured today for tomorrow. 

For IOS Featured Apps/Games - every Friday appr. at 15:00 GMT the featuring is sent for the next 6 days (till next Thursday).

Do you want to learn anything else? Just hit a chat button and we'll gladly assist you.

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