Report a concern in AppFollow


If your app got a review with spam or offensive content, now it is possible to report a concern directly from the AppFollow dashboard.

To get access to report a concern feature, please contact our Customer Support Team.
Make sure that you have one of these roles in your App Store Connect: Admin, User, Support manager, Reviews manager. Keep in mind, that only either Admin or User can connect your App Store account to AppFollow so that reporting tool can work. 

Reporting a concern to Google Play Store

As soon as "report a concern" option has been enabled, you need to add this type of integration for your android app now.

Do not forget to invite a user to Google Play Developer account and grant it Reply to reviews permissions.

Once activated on your side as well, you can report a concern from the page rating&reviews. Just click the red button "report a concern".

Reporting a concern to App Store Connect

To report a concern your iOS app should have an active Reviews & Replies integration with the App Store;

To report a concern for an offensive review you need to:

  1. Go to Ratings & Reviews page;
  2. Select a review and click 'Report a concern';
  3. Choose a reason for the report and fill in the description box;
  4. Click 'Report'.

Reporting a concern via Zendesk App

If you are an active user of ZendeskApp, then you can easily report a spam review from there. First of all you'd need to add your app following our guideline.

For IOS apps. First add the app into your Zendesk App. Once done, go to your AppFollow account, select Zendesk collection (it is created automatically) and add connection with your App Store account. Keep in mind the rights required to report reviews. Here you are - now you can report a bad review for your IOS app via Zendesk App ;)

For Android apps. First add the app into your Zendesk App. Then log in into your AppFollow account and go to Zendesk collection. Choose your Android app and go to the tab "Report a concern". Send an invite and enter your Account ID. FInish by clicking save button. Congratulations - you are now set to report reviews directly from Zendesk App. 

App stores can block reports if you submit too many per day. Unfortunately, they don't disclose the report limits. We have now set a daily limit of 15 review reports at AppFollow. In case you exceed it, the reports will be saved in our system and automatically submitted the next day.

Do you feel like you need more assistance? AppFollow Support team just right by your side - hit a chat button.

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