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AppFollow provides you with a set of tools to manage your Amazon customer interactions. Respond questions on Amazon to help your business to grow by acquiring new customers and building strong relationships with your current user base. 

Amazon has retired the replies to reviews feature from December, 2020. At the moment, only replying to Amazon questions is available. 

You can reply to Amazon questions directly from any customer service system or via the AppFollow interface.

Link your Amazon account with Zendesk, Intercom, Salesforce, Helpshift, Freshdesk, HelpScout, and many other customer service systems.

Contact our support team or your account manager to get assistance with the integration setup.

Receive Amazon Reviews and Questions

To start receiving Amazon reviews in your AppFollow account, just add an Amazon app or product to your AppFollow Collection. Learn more about how to add a new app in our article on how to Add Apps for Monitoring. It may take a few minutes or a few hours before all the data is collected, depending on the number of reviews and ratings you have on Amazon. 

Amazon reviews, questions and replies to questions may appear in AppFollow with a delay. All posts pass moderation on Amazon's side before being published,  the moderation period can last up to a day.

We’ll collect Amazon reviews and questions for all time, but rating data is collected starting from the moment the app is added to your AppFollow account. The earlier you add it, the more historical rating data you'll have.

We find Amazon products by ID. If your product has different ID's across international stores, you should add each product with a unique ID individually.

Work With Amazon Questions

AppFollow provides the ability to reply to questions through the AppFollow interface, ticketing systems, CRMs, or the API. You can reply to questions manually or automatically with our Auto-reply rules. 

Since the Amazon Appstore and the Amazon retail stores are different, we have several solutions that will be interesting for app developers, sellers, or vendors. Read on to learn more about the individual solutions for Amazon Vendor Central, Seller Central, and the App Store.

Any user can comment on the original question of the Amazon product, which is different from how the app stores are set up. At the moment, we show only the first comment.

See the list of Amazon reviews separately from Amazon questions in the AppFollow interface. To do this, click "Add Filters" on the Reply to Reviews page and choose "Review Type". 

With the help of filters, you can easily find reviews having specific words, that became worse or better, and so on. Learn more in our article on how to Filter and Sort.

💡 Amazon questions don’t have star ratings in AppFollow since the Amazon interface doesn’t require ratings for questions in the Q&A section.
💡 Set up Auto-translation to receive reviews translated into your language of choice. Reviews auto-translation is a Premium feature. Contact our support team or your account manager for more details.

Respond as a Manufacturer (Amazon Vendor Central)

The Amazon Official Contributions is a program that empowers manufacturers and vendors of Amazon to communicate with their customers in an official capacity via сustomer questions and answers.

Link your Amazon Vendor Central account with AppFollow. This integration will allow you to publish replies marked with a “Manufacturer” badge on Amazon from our interface or from any help desk system.

Respond as a Seller (Amazon Seller Central)

Shoppers and potential buyers on Amazon expect to see your replies to their questions. The sooner you respond to their questions, the quicker you'll be able to seal the deal. In order to be quick in your responses, you need to monitor your questions to find out when they appear.

Reach out to your account manager or send a message to to set up the beta Amazon Seller Central Integration.

💡 Add an integration with Slack, email, or a customer service system to be notified about new reviews as soon as possible.

Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore is the app store that is available on all Amazon Fire and Android devices. It serves the same purpose as the Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Microsoft App Store

Users may leave reviews for the products but at the moment, there is no option to reply to the reviews.

Analyze Amazon Reviews and Questions

Use AppFollow analytics to get deep insights into review metrics. If you need stats, we've got you covered with the following features:

  • Semantic Analysis – find the distribution of positive and negative feedback, sentiment score, popular topics, bugs, and issues
  • Auto-tags and Tags – add tags to every Amazon review and question and analyze the number of reviews and questions marked by a specific tag
  • Tags Analysis
  • Rating Chart

Amazon Ratings

To see rating data, open the Rating Chart page. You can report on this data externally by clicking on the “Export” button in the top right corner of the page or by using our API.

Amazon calculates a product’s star rating based on a machine learning model instead of the raw data average. This model takes into account factors like the age of a rating, whether the ratings are from verified purchasers, and factors that establish reviewer trustworthiness.

We get the rating from the application page by calculating % by stars from the total number of ratings. We compare 2 days and calculate the difference to show incremental ratings.

Need more? Hit the beacon in the bottom right corner to contact our support team.

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