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If you sell products on Amazon Retail store or promote games or apps on Amazon App store, you know how important good reviews are. Amazon reviews and questions are an essential form of social proof. They play a key role in its marketplace to boost trust and sales.

Replying to reviews and questions on Amazon can help your business to grow. AppFollow enables a set of tools to provide quick and personal replies to your clients or potential customers. Take an opportunity to improve your Amazon product rating by replying to negative reviews. With professional and sincere responses, you may affect a customer’s mind.

You can reply to Amazon reviews and questions directly from any customer service system or via AppFollow interface.

Link your Amazon account with Zendesk, Intercom, Salesforce, Helpshift, Freshdesk, HelpScout, and many other customer service systems.

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  1. Collect Amazon reviews, questions, and ratings to your AppFollow account
  2. Reply to Amazon reviews and questions from Q&A section
  3. Analyze Amazon reviews and questions with AI or manual tags
  4. More to discover

Collect Amazon reviews, questions, and ratings to your AppFollow account

Use the link to your Amazon app, game, or product to add it to your AppFollow collection. It may take a few minutes or a few hours before all the data is collected. It depends on the number of reviews and ratings you have on Amazon.

The delay in showing of the Amazon comments, replies and questions in AppFollow is measured in minutes from the moment the comments become visible in Amazon. On the Amazon's side, the moderation period can last up to a day.

We’ll collect Amazon reviews and questions of all time, but ratings data start being collected from the moment the app is added to your AppFollow account. 

You can collect reviews from all countries available in your AppFollow account settings.

Reply to Amazon reviews and questions

AppFollow provides the ability to reply to reviews using its interface, ticket systems, CRMs, or API. You can reply to reviews and questions manually or automatically with our auto-replies rules. 

Since the Amazon Appstore and the Amazon retail stores are different, we have several solutions that will be interesting for app developers, sellers, or vendors. 

The Amazon Appstore doesn’t provide the ability to reply as an official developer, but we can help you send replies to Amazon reviews using our interface. Contact our support team or your account manager to enable access to the Amazon replies feature. The feature is in beta. You can learn more about Amazon Appstore’s replies in the article.

Amazon retail stores have two types of official accounts: Amazon Seller Central and Amazon Vendor Central. Amazon Seller Central is a self-service program open to practically everyone, whereas Vendor Central is by invitation only. Open your official Amazon account and see the name of the program in the top left corner.

AppFollow allows you to publish replies from Amazon Seller Central and Amazon Vendor Central. It should be noted that Amazon Seller Central integration is in beta. But our product team will help you go through all the steps to help you with the settings.

Replies marked with the official “Manufacturer” badge on Amazon

Amazon Official Contributions is a program that empowers manufacturers and vendors of Amazon to communicate with their customers in an official capacity through comments on customer reviews and answers via сustomer questions and answers.

Link your Amazon Vendor Central account with AppFollow. With the integration, you'll activate the feature to publish replies marked with a “Manufacturer” badge on Amazon from our interface or directory from any help desk system.

Reply to Amazon buyers on behalf of a seller

Shoppers and potential buyers on Amazon will expect to see your replies to their questions. The sooner you respond to their questions, the quicker the deal will be proceed. In order to be quick in your responses, you need to monitor your questions to find out when they appear.

Use our integrations with Slack, emails, and customer service systems to be notified as soon as possible.

We’ll be happy to help you scale your work with Amazon questions from the Q&A section. Please contact us to get more information about the integration, which is in beta now, or follow the article.

Work with Amazon App Store reviews

Improve mobile app visibility and customer support on the Amazon App Store. Work with customer reviews to fortify the organic growth of your app and gain more organic installs.

The comments on the Amazon App store are insightful and honest. Users can leave comments on others’ reviews as well. This can be used to make your Amazon app or game better.

Since Amazon App Store doesn’t provide customer support or interactive roles to publish replies as a developer, you can reply to users’ reviews as an Amazon customer or from your brand name. 

Contact our support team or your account manager to get assistance with the integration settings.

Analyze Amazon reviews and questions with AI or manual tags

Our AI system will help you to get a quick analysis of reviews and questions users send to your app, game, or product. You’ll find a distribution of positive and negative feedback, sentiment score, popular topics, and issues on our semantic analysis page.

Please contact our support team or your account manager to activate Semantic analysis for your AppFollow account.

If you want to gather an in-depth analysis of your reviews and questions, we recommend you use our auto-tags and manual tags. With the feature, you’ll be able to add tags to every Amazon review and question we collect in AppFollow and analyze the number of reviews and questions marked by a specific tag.

See more information about working with users' feedback in AppFollow in the article -

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