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Using AppFollow, you can easily improve your app retention rate, keep up with users’ mood and intentions by monitoring their feedback. 

If you have a flood of reviews coming in, it can be tough to find the critical reviews to work with. Even if you sort them by 1- or 2-star rating, you can miss a review with a problem from a loyal customer with a higher mark. That’s why we suggest you using our smart multiple search by reviews. Multiple search is available for Ratings & Reviews and Semantic Analysis tools and enables you to look for several topics at a time, so that you can swiftly gather all reviews with required topics. 

There are three ways to look for review topics:

1. Search for several topics in a review using “&”:

Example: “can’t & freeze" or “can’t&freeze” without spaces will show you only those reviews that contain both these words. The words will be highlighted in yellow.

2. Search for similar or cognate words using “&”:

Example: “log&ever” without spaces will show you all the reviews that contain these parts of words, such as logs, login, forever, never, etc. The required parts of the words will also be highlighted in yellow.

3. Search for one of the required words using “|” 

Example: “worse | bad” and “worse|bad” will show you all the reviews that contain at least one of the chosen words. 

You can use both low-case and capital letters — the results will be the same.
Use the requests without spaces when looking for cognate words.
Use the requests in Tags Chart to get the overall number of reviews with these words coming daily.

Use all three ways to analyze the critical reviews in Semantic Analysis tool: 

The results will show you the semantics and the sentiment score applied only to these selected reviews.

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