How to reply to App Store and Google Play reviews on Zendesk?

AppFollow Zendesk app helps you to get app store reviews, respond to app store reviews, and analyze your user’s mood without leaving your Zendesk account.

Note: you need to set up Zendesk app before you will reply to users. 

Get app store reviews

AppFollow app reviews tool delivers you customer reviews from App Store, Google Play, Microsoft Store, Mac App Store, and Amazon.

Once you’re done with settings, all new and updated app reviews will come as tickets. In the collapsed view you will see app’s rating, review title, an app’s name, and a user. If you get an updated review, you will see a sign [UPD]:

While setting up, don’t forget to click “Import history” to get all reviews made within 2 last days.

Sort out app reviews

If your apps get tons of reviews daily, you’d probably want to react quicker to the most important ones. Here you have two options:

1. Receive only reviews that matter

You will get only chosen app store reviews. You can only make this work while setting up the app.

Select a certain amount of app review stars, particular language, or specific words you’d like to receive, and you will not get reviews that don’t match these filters.

The filter allows you to get only negative reviews that require an answer, or the ones with words like “bug”, “problem”, etc. that require a quick reply.

2. Use Tags and Views

Tags are automatically added at the moment the ticket with review is created. By default each ticket will have the following tags:

  • Ticket type: #appfollow — all reviews from AppFollow;
  • Store: #ios, #android, #amazon, #mac, #microsoft;
  • Stars: #1star, #2star, #3star, #4star, #5star;
  • Country: #united-states, #united-kingdom, #russia, etc;
  • App ID: #com.supercell.brawlstars (Android) or #1229016807 (iOS);
  • Device: #ipad, #redmi-note-5, etc;
  • App Version: #v1.2.12;
  • Language: #en, #jp, #br, etc (language and country may differ, so we show both).

Tags help you filter and analyze app reviews based on criteria you need. You can sort them out in a Views tab. Views are used to organize your tickets by grouping them according to your needs.

You can manage tags to better organize your work with Views:

  1. Open Admin tab > Views;
  2. Click “Add View” button;
  3. Specify View title and select condition Ticket: Tags with the value you are planning to track.
  4. Click “Create View” to save changes.

The View will display in the left menu and can be easily reordered according to your needs.

Ticket View

Each ticket contains the review itself, reply field, tags, and info about a user.

If it is an updated review, you will see the history of communication (in the center) and can respond accordingly.

Users data includes country, language, device, OS version (on the right).

On the right you also have a “Translate” button. Although AppFollow provides an auto-translate feature, the current version of Zendesk app includes only Google translation option

Reply to reviews

To reply to app store reviews use the field above the review and click “Submit”. Your answer will be published as soon as it's approved by app stores.

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