Zendesk App Integration: Work With Review Tickets

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The AppFollow Zendesk App allows you to receive reviews, respond to them, and analyze your user’s mood without leaving your Zendesk account.

To get started, set up the Zendesk App Integration. In this article, you'll learn what a review ticket looks like in Zendesk and how you can optimize your workflow with the help of AppFollow filters and tags.  

Receive Reviews in Zendesk

The Zendesk App Integration delivers reviews from the App Store, Google Play, Microsoft Store, Mac App Store, and Amazon straight to your Zendesk workspace. Once you set up the integration, all new and updated app reviews will come in as tickets. 

In the collapsed view, you will see the review's rating, title, the app’s name, and the name of the user who left the review. If the review was updated, you will see a prefix that indicates this: [UPD]

While setting up the integration, select the “Import history” option to receive not only new reviews, but the last 100 reviews as well.

Choose Which Reviews to Receive

If your apps get a large number of reviews daily, you probably want to quickly react only to the most important ones. You can control which reviews you receive in Zendesk while setting up the integration. Learn more about how to configure these filters in our article on how to set up the Zendesk App Integration.

Available filters:

  • Stars – receive reviews with a specific amount of stars
  • Languages – receive reviews in certain languages
  • Words – filter reviews by those that contain more or less than three words
  • Auto-translate – automatically translate reviews to the specified language
  • Import history – import up to 100 reviews without replies for the last 30 days
  • Featured reviews only – receive only reviews that were featured
  • Disable tags – disable Auto-tags in incoming review tickets
  • Became worse only – receive only reviews where the star rating decreased
  • Became better only – receive only reviews where the star rating increased
  • Updated reviews only – receive updated reviews only.

Use Tags to Create Zendesk Views

Tags are automatically added when a review ticket is created. By default, each ticket has the following tags:

  • Ticket type: #appfollow — all reviews from AppFollow
  • Store: #ios, #android, #amazon, #mac, #microsoft
  • Stars: #1star, #2star, #3star, #4star, #5star
  • Country: #united-states, #united-kingdom, #russia
  • App ID: #com.supercell.brawlstars (Android) or #1229016807 (iOS)
  • Device: #ipad, #redmi-note-5
  • App Version: #v1.2.12
  • Language: #en, #jp, #br, etc (language and country may differ, so we show both)

Tags help you filter and analyze app reviews based on the criteria you need. You can apply tags as filters and save them in the Zendesk Views tab. Views are used to organize your tickets by grouping them according to your needs.

To set up a new Zendesk View:

  1. Open the Admin tab > Views.
  2. Click “Add View”.
  3. Enter a title for the new View.
  4. Select the condition Ticket: Tags with the tag value(a) you want to track.
  5. Click “Create View” to save the changes.

Your saved Views are displayed in the left-hand menu.

Ticket Details

Each ticket contains the review text, tags, and info about the user.

If the review has been updated, you will also see the conversation history.

In the App widget on the right, you'll see additional data and action buttons:

  • Country
  • Language
  • Device
  • OS version
  • Report a Concern
  • Permalink
  • Translate
  • Reply via Console

Reply to Reviews

To reply to app store reviews use the field above the review and click “Submit”. Your answer will be published as soon as it's approved by app stores.

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