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Use the Reply to Reviews page to learn more about each individual Review you receive, respond to Reviews, and stay on top of interactions with your users. In this article, you’ll learn how to respond to a Review and how to streamline the process of communicating with your app’s users. To learn more about Review details and how this page is organized, check out the following article: Reply to Reviews: Overview.

Receive Reviews

To open the Reply to Reviews page, click on Reply to Reviews in the navigation menu on the left.

AppFollow collects Reviews for all apps added to a Workspace. Learn more about Review update frequency in the next section of this article.

To switch between apps, click on the app picker dropdown and select an app.

Update Frequency

After you add an app to your Collection, its reviews will be collected within 2 hours. If you have more than 4000 reviews, it may take up to 2 days.

Update frequency:

  • Without an app store integration: 4 times per day
  • With an App Store Connect integration: once per hour
  • With a Google Play Console integration: every 10-15 minutes

Reply to a Review

Set up an integration with App Store Connect and the Google Play Console to start replying to reviews. Learn more about setting up integrations in our App Store Connect and Google Play Console integration guides.

After you set up an integration, the reply box in the Review card becomes active. To send a reply, start typing and then hit “Publish”.

💡 Your replies appear in the app stores after moderation, which takes up to 30 minutes in the Google Play Console and up to 12 hours in App Store Connect.

Edit a Reply

After you publish a reply, it’s possible to edit it. Use this feature to update your responses and keep the conversation going after a user edits their review. 

To edit a reply, click “Edit” under your previous message. The text box becomes active, and you can rewrite and publish your reply.

Update History

Keep track of your conversations with users by viewing the Review’s history of updates. If you previously interacted with a Review, you’ll see a Show history option:

Click on Show history to expand this section and see all updates made by you and the user within this Review:

If the user or the app store deletes the Review, you’ll see information about this in the top-left corner of the Review card:

Reply Templates

Use Reply Templates to streamline the process of replying to similar Reviews. Choose one of the default templates, or create your own set of canned replies to send an answer with just a click. Learn more about Templates and how to use them in the next article: Reply Templates.

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