Semantic Tags

The semantic analysis algorithm processes all app reviews and assigns Semantic Tags to these reviews. Below is the list of available tags and topics that each tag covers:



Access Fingerprint, Touch id, face id, etc. / CAPTCHAs / SMS confirmation
Account Registration / Account / Profile / User data / Loss of progress (saves) in games / Ban / Profile locks / Synchronization between devices
Ads Any advertising
App Freeze App freezes / Only full white or gray, or black screen appears / Endless loading
App Update App updates / App versions
Billing Cash charges / Expense details / Invalid or incorrect charges
Boring Too easy to play / Boring / Everything repeats in the game, there is nothing new
Bugs Any bugs or problems in the application
Chat Chat / Dialogs / Messages / Typing in a message
Complicated Difficult to use / It is not clear how to use / The app is confusing
Connection Server Connection / Mobile Internet / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth
Crashes App crashes / App closes by itself
Delete app Uninstall app
Doesn't work Some functionality does not work / App as a whole does not work / App does not open
Established user Users who have been using the app for a long time
Feature Request Wishes and suggestions / Improvements / Lack of function / Function has disappeared
Fraud Fraud / Hacking
Geo Geolocation / Maps / Navigation / Addresses
Imba Too difficult to play / Unable to complete a level or a boss / Quests are obviously impossible / The strength of the players in the game is unbalanced
Issue Questions to developers or other users / Help requests / Feedback addressed to app developers
Login & Sign In Authorization / Logins and passwords
Notifications Notifications / Reminders / Alerts
Optimization Strongly discharges the battery / Takes up a lot of memory / Slows down / Not compatible with a specific device
Payment Payments / Payment Methods
Photo Photo / Pictures / Camera / Gallery Access
Pricing Tarfis / Prices / Expensive, cheap or free
Promo code Promotional Codes / Discounts / Promotions
Sound Sound Quality / Volume / Music
Spam Profane, off-topic reviews / Offers of the positive reviews in exchange of money, crystals, points, etc.
Subscription Paid subscription / Internal purchases / User use or want to use the “Premium” or “Pro” version of the app
Support Support service / Customer service / Feedback Methods
Thank you Any thanks to the creators of the application
Trial The trial is too short or dumb / Free tariffs and trial
Troublesome Unclassified problems / Complaints
UI/UX Design Design (beauty, brightness, colorfulness) / Interface (buttons, input fields, search, filters, fonts, menus, location of interface elements, etc.) / Failures in the interface, design, overlapping elements, display, etc. / Usability, convenience
Video Quality of the video / Streaming / Quality of graphics, animation
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