Semantic tags

The semantic analysis algorithm processes all the apps reviews and assigns reviews with the semantic tags. Below is the list of available tags and topics that each tag covers:



Access Fingerprint, Touch id, face id, etc. / CAPTCHAs / SMS confirmation
Account Registration / Account / Profile / User data / Loss of progress (saves) in games / Ban / Profile locks / Synchronization between devices
Ads Any advertising
App Freeze App freezes / Only full white or gray, or black screen appears / Endless loading
App Update App updates / App versions
Billing Cash charges / Expense details / Invalid or incorrect charges
Boring Too easy to play / Boring / Everything repeats in the game, there is nothing new
Bugs Any bugs or problems in the application
Chat Chat / Dialogs / Messages / Typing in a message
Complicated Difficult to use / It is not clear how to use / The app is confusing
Connection Server Connection / Mobile Internet / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth
Crashes App crashes / App closes by itself
Delete app Uninstall app
Doesn't work Some functionality does not work / App as a whole does not work / App does not open
Established user Users who have been using the app for a long time
Feature Request Wishes and suggestions / Improvements / Lack of function / Function has disappeared
Fraud Fraud / Hacking
Geo Geolocation / Maps / Navigation / Addresses
Imba Too difficult to play / Unable to complete a level or a boss / Quests are obviously impossible / The strength of the players in the game is unbalanced
Issue Questions to developers or other users / Help requests / Feedback addressed to app developers
Login & Sign In Authorization / Logins and passwords
Notifications Notifications / Reminders / Alerts
Optimization Strongly discharges the battery / Takes up a lot of memory / Slows down / Not compatible with a specific device
Payment Payments / Payment Methods
Photo Photo / Pictures / Camera / Gallery Access
Pricing Tarfis / Prices / Expensive, cheap or free
Promo code Promotional Codes / Discounts / Promotions
Sound Sound Quality / Volume / Music
Spam Profane, off-topic reviews / Offers of the positive reviews in exchange of money, crystals, points, etc.
Subscription Paid subscription / Internal purchases / User use or want to use the “Premium” or “Pro” version of the app
Support Support service / Customer service / Feedback Methods
Thank you Any thanks to the creators of the application
Trial The trial is too short or dumb / Free tariffs and trial
Troublesome Unclassified problems / Complaints
UI/UX Design Design (beauty, brightness, colorfulness) / Interface (buttons, input fields, search, filters, fonts, menus, location of interface elements, etc.) / Failures in the interface, design, overlapping elements, display, etc. / Usability, convenience
Video Quality of the video / Streaming / Quality of graphics, animation
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