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General questions

  • Which app stores does AppFollow support? Do you collect reviews from social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram?   

We don’t collect reviews from social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.

We support following platforms for reviews monitor:

- App Store

- Google Play

- Microsoft Store including desktop apps and Xbox games

- Amazon Appstore including Amazon products

- Mac App Store

  • How frequently are customer reviews on the Ratings & Reviews page updated?

For iOS apps with the Reviews & Replies integration with the App Store, reviews are updated every hour. 

For Android apps with the Reviews & Replies integration with the Google Play store, reviews are updated every 20 min. 

For apps without the Reviews & Replies integration, reviews are updated less frequently.

We highly recommend setting the integration with the store to keep updated on recent reviews.
  • What data is provided in the Reviews email reports?

Reviews Report shows information about apps and countries you’ve previously added to your app collections. It includes:

- total number of reviews and changes of this value for the selected period;

- the average rating for the text reviews and its changes for the selected period; 

- Ratings Chart and Reviews Chart;

- list of new reviews with a link to the AppFollow account for more details.

Ratings & Reviews

  • How do filters on the Ratings & Reviews page work?

On the Ratings & Reviews page there are newest reviews displayed by default.

It is possible to apply different filters there. More information on filters and how to work with reviews is available in this article.

  • Can I search reviews by a specific keyword?

To filter reviews containing a certain word, type in the keyword in the 'Search' field and hit the Enter key.

  • Can I see the devices and operational systems people are using?

Device details are only provided by the Google Play store and for the reviews whose authors agreed to share these details from their Google Play account settings. 

  • How easy is this to integrate AppFollow with the store to reply to reviews?

With these step-by-step instructions for the App Store and the Google Play store, there won’t be any troubles to set these integrations. Also, it is possible to set integrations and reply to reviews for your WinStore apps and Amazon apps.

Integrations with Microsoft Console and Amazon are available for Premium plan accounts. Please contact our support team via The semantic analysis tool is made using the machine learning algorithm. The semantic analysis for an app is based on 10K reviews and it requires at least 1000 reviews in Russian or English languages for the representative results.
  • How is the sentiment score calculated?

Sentiment score is positive reviews from the sum of positive and negative reviews.

  • I'm tracking user reviews, can I see the version number of each review?

The version number is always available for reviews in the App Store. To see the version number for Google Play reviews, you have to set up reply to reviews integration


  • What does the star average rating and reviews average rating mean?

The star average rating includes rates with the text comments and without text (stars only).

The reviews average rating is the average rating based on the ratings with text comments.

  • Why the rating I see in the store is different from the average rating in AppFollow?

On the app page in the store, there is a total average rating for all countries, while in AppFollow you may have several countries preset in the collection settings only.

If you are comparing the ratings in the store console and AppFollow, please, make sure you have applies the same filters, so you there is the data for the same time periods, countries in console and AppFollow.

The average is the day to day rating (show by the store). Trend - is a liner statistical chart showing how the average changes in time. So, this graph is used to see whether the average rating is growing or not.

  • What is the difference between the Incremental and Cumulative graph on the Ratings chart page?

The Incremental graph shows the difference of the number of rates added during some period of time. The cumulative shows the total rating that is available on the app page for a certain date.

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