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Use Keyword Spy to identify keywords that your competitor apps rank for on the stores. With the help of this tool, you can study competitors' keywords and get new ideas for the optimization strategy for your own app.

How to use Keyword Spy

To check the keywords of your competitor apps, you don't need to add them into your Workspace. Just select a store, a country and an app name in the search box and you'll get the list of the keywords with a breakdown by tops. Ranking Top-1 section contains keywords that will show the selected app first in store search. Ranking Top-5 keywords will display this app between 2nd and 5th position in search, and so on.

The greyed keywords are those that you have already added for tracking on the Keyword Tracking page. Click on a keyword to add it to your Workspace. Or use an option to add all discovered keywords by clicking on '+Track all keywords'.

Don't forget to use these handy toggles:

  • Hide Unpopular Keywords will remove all keywords with low popularity;
  • Translation will translate keywords into English.

Need more? Open the Support Beacon in the bottom right corner – we're here to help!

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