Slack: User Reviews Summary Report

If you frequently use Slack, AppFollow offers a very convenient feature —  exporting the data about tracked apps right to the selected Slack channels. Integration with Slack has a few options regarding how often and how detailed will be the reports you receive. 

If you're not interested in receiving reports about every user review in real-time, Summary Report can be a better option for you. How to set it up?

Open Integrations on app page: 

  • Click +Add New Integration

On the Slack tab click Summary report and choose how often you'd like to get it: Daily, Weekly or Monthly. Don't forget to Save Changes:

See the report in Slack once it's ready:

The report shows:

  • Total reviews on the latest app version as well as average ranking,
  • Total reviews on all app version as well as average ranking,
  • Total reviews and average rankings per geo (Canada in our example),
  • Rating   or “stars”  for app in general and reviews taken separately. We are showing average and total ratings value.

Once you click Read more, you will see the list of reviews during the selected period (day, week, month),

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