Email Reports: Favorite Apps Dashboard

This email report shows the information about apps you’ve previously tagged as Favorite and added to the dashboard. It includes:

  • Chart positions (Rankings);
  • Search positions by keyword (Keywords);
  • Ranking changes (Stars);
  • Total new reviews and their average rating (Reviews);
  • Downloads and revenues from Sales report;
  • New app version releases and featuring status.

If you'd like to receive email reports with all the info from Dashboard, choose Email Reports on the left menu:

Select  Dashboard, add email, choose how frequently you'd like to receive email report and click Add:

All done!

You will receive the report about favorite apps on a daily or/and weekly basis:

If you'd like to check the data on AppFollow, click Go to Dashboard.

New reviews are following under main app info:

Read More will lead you to the full report.

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