How to reply to reviews in Amazon Store


You can use AppFollow not only to view reviews that your customers left for your products and apps in the Amazon Store, but also to reply to it. Let's see below how you can do this.

This tool is available in beta now.

Amazon replies feature is available for the a paid subscription users. Please contact us via email or live chat or ask your account manager directly about adding the Amazon replies feature to your account.

There are two options of how replies could be posted to Amazon:

- as Amazon Seller

- as Manufacturer

Reply as Amazon Seller

To enable this feature in your AppFollow account, first of all, please reach out our support and we'll activate the Amazon replies.

Once the Amazon replies option is enabled, for the replies to be published in Amazon as a Seller you need only to do the following:

1. Go to Integrations page and connect Amazon Dev Console integration:

To set this integration, you only need to click on 'Add Integration' and the console will be connected.

2. On the Ratings & Reviews page, pick up your Amazon app or product and start typing your reply with "Amazon Seller reply:"

3. Now you can see how it looks like in the Amazon Store:

Reply as Amazon Manufacturer

To enable this feature in your AppFollow account, first of all, please reach out our support and we'll activate the Amazon replies.

Once Amazon replies are enabled, to post replies in Amazon as a Manufacturer, please follow these steps:

1. Go to → Settings → Contacts:

2. Create new contact for the by clicking 'Create New Contact'

and filling in the details in the form:

Enter the to the E-mail address field.

3. Send the invite for the contact with the permission 'Customer interaction':

5. Go to the Integrations page on your AppFollow account and connect Amazon Dev Console integration.

6. Once the integration is set, the reply will be displayed like this in the Amazon:

Sending replies from helpdesk system

You can use helpdesks to reply to reviews as well. Please refer to the list of helpdesks you can integrate with. Below is the example of replies with Zendesk App.

The logic behind it is quite simple - you just need to write your comment and submit it :) You can also edit your replies from Zendesk - add new reply to the same reviews and the new one will update the old.

  Invalid message content means the reply contains link that is not allowed by Amazon. Please amend the reply and resend it. Please note that Amazon removes all the replies with web links, we advise not to use them at all.

Should you encounter any difficulties please reach us either via our email or live chat.

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