SSO With PingID

Use PingID to provide your team with Single Sign-On access to AppFollow.

How to set up

On the PingID side:

1. Sign In to Administration Panel in your PingID Account;

2. Open Connections tab;

3. Click add new Application;

4. Choose web application > SAML > Configure;

5. Enter an application name;

6. Fill in ACS URLS and ENTITY ID


7. Add SAML Attributes. RelayState is a static parameter and it should contain the email associated with AppFollow owner account;

8. Save the application;

9. Open the application settings and enable it by switching toggle on the right;

10. Open the application page > Configuration tab;

11. Copy parameters from this page to AppFollow SSO-settings:

  • ISSUER ID to Entity ID in AppFollow

12. To get the Public certificate you need to click on Download IDP Metadata and open the downloaded file. Find the section with X509Certificate, copy it, and paste into Public Certificate in AppFollow SSO-settings. 

On the AppFollow side:

1. Go to;

2. Paste the parameters from that you previously copied and click “Save”;

3. Log into in a new tab in the browser

You should see the “Single Sign-On Enabled” sign.

Need help with the settings?

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