SSO With Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Setup Single Sign-On with Amazon Web Services to provide your team with a single access to AppFollow.

How to set up

On the part of AWS:

1. Go to and create a new app;

2. Choose “Add a custom SAML 2.0 application”;

3. Configure app: type AppFollow in the Display name field;

4. On the Application properties page paste the email associated with AppFollow into Relay State field;

5. In Application metadata click “If you don't have a metadata file, you can manually type your metadata values” to fill fields manually. Paste:

  • Application ACS URL:
  • Application SAML audience:

6. Go to “Attribute mappings” tab and configure:

  • Subject: ${user:subject}
  • name: ${user:name}
  • email: ${user:email}
  • Save changes.

Click “Save”;

7. Open “Assigned users‘ tab and click “Assign users”;

8. Select users or groups and click “Assign users”;

On the part of AppFollow:

1. Go to;

2. Copy the following parameters from your AWS settings:

  • AWS SSO issuer URL: Entity ID in AppFollow
  • AWS SSO sign-in URL: SAML SSO URL in AppFollow
  • AWS SSO certificate: Download certificate and paste its content in X.509 Certificate in AppFollow

3. Paste them into AppFollow account and click “Save”;

4. Log into in a new tab in the browser

You should see the “Single Sign-On Enabled” sign.

Need help with the settings?

Hit the chat button on the right to talk to our Customer Success Team — we’re all ears!

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