What is AppFollow


AppFollow is an all-in-one service to promote your mobile app and get more app downloads. It helps your team to improve mobile app promotion strategy, increase app ranking, and get customers’ loyalty.

In this article we will guide you through AppFollow tools and direct you to the right places to monitor app performance, do App Store Optimization, or reply to customer reviews.

What can I do with AppFollow?

  1. Get more app downloads via App Store Optimization Tools;
  2. Improve your product and make it more appealing in user's eyes;
  3. Increase app retention rate and get more active users by responding to their feedback;
  4. Track your apps’ competitors ups and downs to leave them behind;
  5. Manage the team effectiveness in one place;
  6. Analyze customer reviews and improve user satisfaction level.

Which app stores does AppFollow support?

  • App Store;
  • Google Play;
  • Microsoft Store, including desktop apps and Xbox games;
  • Amazon Appstore, including Amazon items and products;
  • Mac App Store.

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What data about my app is available?

  • App metadata and history
  • Versions history
  • Average rating
  • Stars history
  • Reviews
  • Developers replies
  • Reply to reviews
  • Reviews history
  • Likes/dislikes
  • Keywords positions
  • Rankings
  • Featured apps/games
  • Sales metrics
  • ASO metrics
To access reply-to-reviews features, sales and ASO reports, you need to add integration with App Store Connect and Google Play Console.

Where to monitor app data?

Where can I get app reviews?

AppFollow delivers customer reviews into help desk services, teams chats and even social media.

Helpdesk Services: Zendesk, Helpshift, Help Scout, Freshdesk, Intercom, Usedesk, Front, Desk.com, Groove.

Team Chats: Slack, Discord, Microsoft Teams, Telegram.

Project Management Tools: Workplace by Facebook, Trello, Basecamp, Kayako.

Alternatively get reviews on Email or set up integrations with any other system using AppFollow API.

All integrations

You can send replies to iOS, Android and Mac apps. Windows apps are coming soon.

Reply to iOS and Mac app reviews

Reply to Android app reviews

Is it safe for my data?

AppFollow is organized according to the laws of Finland. We use GDPR compliant, so your data won’t be shared or sold to any third-party organizations.

More about data security

Check out our Privacy policy and User Agreement.

How accurate is app data?

Our data is 100% accurate, as we gather it from:

  • All app stores we support;
  • App Store Connect;
  • Google Play Console;
  • Search Ads;
  • AppsFlyer;
  • AppMetrica;
  • Google Analytics.

How much does AppFollow subscription cost?

We are flexible regarding prices – choose and pay for those options you need today. If something changes tomorrow, include or exclude the features.

For mid-sized companies, Premium plan starts from $29 per month. For bigger needs, we offer Enterprise plans. Request a personal offer.

You can use AppFollow for free: track 2 apps in 2 countries, 20 keywords, and limited replies.

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When does the trial end?

AppFollow provides 10-day full-featured free trial. We will notify you 3 days before your trial ends. Here you have 4 options:

  1. Subscribe to our Premium plan;
  2. Request a demo, in case you think you need help with understanding all AppFollow capacities;
  3. Do nothing, and we will downgrade you to Free plan with fewer options;
  4. Share a word about AppFollow and extend your trial.

Why should I trust you?

We are a Finnish company, but our team works worldwide. First gathered in 2015, we have now 45 employees and a pull of investors from EU. Sony, Hubspot, HBO, Shell, Expedia, Vevo, and 30,000 other companies have trusted us their apps and data to rank in the list of top apps.

More about us

Need more?

Feel free to ask us anything via the beacon – we’ll share all AppFollow insights with you!

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