Favorite Apps

AppFollow has a web- and email-dashboard for apps marked as  Favorite. It is a simple and convenient way to track favorite apps key metrics as well as compare them for any time period and in different countries. How do you make app Favorite?

  • Just click the star on app card and see how it turns yellow:
    • Chart positions (Rankings);
    • Search positions by keyword (Keywords);
    • Ranking changes (Stars);
    • Total new reviews and their average rating (Reviews);
    • Downloads and revenues;
    • New app version releases and featuring status.
    After you make an app Favorite, the first data is collected in the Dashboard from 30 minutes up to 2 hours. Sales report data (Downloads and Revenue) is collected up to 2 days for the first time.

    Keep an eye on changes and improve your positions:

We retrieve all this data from acquisition reports for android apps and from app analytics for IOS apps so as you can have a convenient overview of your apps.

Select dates to compare results and filter by countries:

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