Freshdesk Integration: get reviews and send your responses

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Use AppFollow to get every user review and send a response from Freshdesk.

Get reviews

  1. Open Integrations on the left menu and click "Add new integration";
  2. Choose Freshdesk and click “Add integration”;
  3. Type an email from your Freshdesk account. To find it go to your Freshdesk > Admin;
  4. Choose Support Channels > Email;
  5. You will see a sign “Global Support Emails”. Copy the email that will be right below your company name and paste into the “Email” text field in AppFollow account;
  6. Choose which reviews you want to receive: all, only negative or positive ones (mark the number of stars);
  7. Click “Add integration”.

The next new review you will get into your Freshdesk account. It will look like this:

Add autotranslation feature to get new reviews in your language.

You will receive reviews like this:

  • We mark the app store a review came from;
  • Mark 'popular' reviews;
  • Show full name of a device (for Google Play only);
  • Define a country or a language and device language (for those cases when language of a review doesn’t match language of a device);
  • Count words in a review.

Reply to reviews

If you want to reply to reviews using Freshdesk, set up these integrations first:

After that every ticket with a review will consist of a direct link. Click it to send your response.

Reply via API

Alternatively you can use AppFollow API to receive reviews and reply to them. We have a list of ready-to-use methods for that.


In case we can't publish a reply on App Store and/or Google Play, we will notify you about it in the same thread.

My review wasn't published

The most common reasons are:

  • Reply is longer than 350 characters. This is the limit set by Google Play for Android-reviews. For App Store maximum reply length is 5000 characters;
  • Settings issue, for example, password changed in App Store Connect (ex-iTunes Connect). You need to re-login to the console and get back to reply.
Please, note that this is a paid option. Free tier included in every plan allows you to reply to 20 reviews per month.

Need help with settings? Hit the red Intercom button - we're here for you!

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