How to work with keywords in AppFollow for the first time

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Adding keywords for tracking improves your ASO keyword optimization.

Add your first app and keywords

  1. Add an app to the collection first
  2. Click “Keywords & ASO”. Your keyword distribution chart will be empty, as you don’t have any keywords yet
  3. Click “Add some keywords”
  4. Type all keywords and phrases from your semantic core you want to track. Note, that these keywords won’t be transferred to your keyword set.
  5. Click “Save”
You need to add keywords for iPhone, iPad and Android in separate lists. For each country there will be different lists.

If you don’t have keywords yet, use the advice below to create a keyword set.

Arrange the apps and keywords

The easiest way to track your and competitors’ apps, keywords and updates is to add all of them in one collection. Then you will be tracking the keywords, rankings, search results in one place.

1. Create the collection and add the apps.

2. Mark your app as Favorite, so that you have quick access to the data:

The data about favorite apps will be available in the dashboard within an hour.

3. Add all the keywords you want to track. Note, keywords will be applied to the whole Collection, you will be able to see the position for every app in the collection.

Find the right keywords

If you want to find what your users are looking for and what keywords your competitors use, go to AppFollow Suggestions.

  1. Click the arrow near “Keywords & ASO”. In a drop-down menu choose “Suggestions”
  2. In the search field type a search request to find what else users look for and what apps use this search request. Or you can type an app name to find which search requests are associated with it.
  3. On the right will be 10 suggested search request. Click green plus to track them.
  4. On the left will be a list of apps in the order they appear in iOS 11 and iOS 12 search results.
  5. Click the app to see which search requests they rank for and what traffic score those requests have. Click the green plus to add to track them.

Please, note: the keywords you add apply to all apps in your collection. That’s why it’s better to keep apps from different categories and thematics in separate collections.

What’s next?

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