Downloads & Revenue

Downloads & Revenue

Downloads & Revenue - a tool for tracking key sales metrics for your applications, that allows you to monitor your app’s performance. It shows all the insights to measure your key metrics and adapt your business strategy in a single dashboard. 

Downloads & Revenue tool is essential for product managers, marketers, and indie developers.

How to access beta:

1. Add apps from App Store or Google Play and configure Sales integration for them (here are the instructions for App Store and Google Play integration settings);

2. Wait 10-15 minutes until data is collected.

3. Visit Downloads & Revenue Section in Apps category and try it out.

In beta are already available:

1. Four main metrics – downloads, revenue, updates, number of payments;

2. Four types of graphs (smooth / sharp, relative, pie);

3. Filters by country, period;

4. Data collecting 

Downloads and Revenue data is updated once a day in the Stores. Right after that the information is updated in AppFollow accordingly.

Key benefits:

  • Unified data from App Store Connect and Google Play Console with smooth navigation between countries and time periods.
  • The ability to correlate fluctuations in downloads and revenue with your ASO and product changes.
  • Your ASO team performance is easier to measure.
  • Important data updates sent to your Slack or email.
  • Flexible reports delivered through AppFollow API (coming soon).
  • Free access to all basic metrics.
  • Shared workspace and data for your team members — invite them to join AppFollow!

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