AppMetrica: app data from App Store and Google Play in your Slack

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AppMetrica Setup

  1. Click “Integrations” on the left menu;
  2. Click “Add New Integration” > “AppMetrica”. Here you need API key;
  3. To find it, sign in to Yandex OAuth;
  4. Scroll down the List of registered clients and click “Create new client”;
  5. Fill in the App Name field;
  6. In Platforms part click “Web Services”. You will see the Callback URL #1 empty field. Click Set URL for development to add the link to the callback URL field. Once the link is added, you can go further;
  7. In the Permissions part choose the tools which permissions your app requires: click the tool and tick the boxes;
  8. Click “Create app” button;
  9. In a new page you will see your personal credentials. Copy your ID;
  10. To get the API key, go to (paste your ID from the previous step instead of YOUR_ID in this URL);
  11. You will be asked for the permission. Click “Allow”;
  12. On the next page you will find the key for AppFollow. Copy it and paste to your AppMetrica integration pop-up in AppFollow;
  13. Click “Add Integration”. It is done!

After that you can add AppMetrica reports to your Slack channel and get notifications there.

This is how the report will look like:

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